Have you already visited our Beta area? I am currently working on the future of saakeskus.fi based on a modern UI and it looks pretty good so far. We're still at the beginning but the Beta area shows where the journey is going.

Yesterday I updated the rendering software grads. The new version has a slightly different handling of colors, so the charts were messed up a bit. I should have fixed all of them by now, so with the 06Z run, all charts and diagrams should be ok again.

As of the 12Z run today, we changed from the 0.5° to the 0.25° resolution GFS output for rendering the charts.

Because I have been asked quite often to bring back the SKEW-T diagrams I decided to do so. I also changed the cumbersome navigation between the cities a little. Now the cities can be selected from the right menu. More changes to come. The diagrams are hidden in the city forecasts section.

Yesterday night, the GFS update from v14 to v15 shortly broke the chart rendering. There were a few changes in the output that I hadn't expected but I fixed the scripts as far as I found the problems. All should work now.

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