I finally found the time to fix the homepage buttons which have been broken for a couple of months already. The problem was a combination of stricter security settings on the server and some old functions I used in the scripts which were deprecated and removed in PHP 7.

Since NOAA changed their servers to SSL / encrypted connections - and I missed that totally, the render system couldn't pull data for a few cycles. Apologies and thanks to Tim Van Damme for showing it to my face on facebook :D. I'll try to pay more attention in the future. I started a manual render run and things seems to work fine.

The update and redesign of the site is finally done. We ran on an old version of the Joomla CMS which ran out of support and also wasn't compatible with mobile devices. The new version should load faster and also display well on mobile devices. Some corners and edges might still need polishing but I'm going to fix those in the coming days.

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