The network connection to the NOAA datacenter is working fine again since a week or so, so I took the restriction off. Charts are as usual being rendered every six hours.

The NOAA datacenter seems to have some problems leading to very slow transfers and response times for the GFS datasets. The download partially takes more than 6 hours which means, there's sometimes 2 or more rendering instances running at the same time. Until the problems in the NOAA datacenter are fixed, I will restrict download and redering on the main Saakeskus site to the 18Z run only. At the moment, I'm not restricting the beta site as it doesn't have as complex charts yet and requires much less data download.

Check it out on the beta page at ! To see the forecast, choose it from the list of layers on the right. The forecast is updated on the server every 5 minutes and will be automatically refreshed on the map. The forecast map is based on the NOAA SWPC OVATION short term forecast model which produces forecasts from 30 to 90 minutes into the future.

My hoster Neobitti suddenly decided to sell all customers to another company and that company didn't want to keep customer which were more than "bulk host" customers. Thus I had to relatively quickly move everything somewhere else. In the end, I decided to move to Amazon Web Services because the prices are pretty good and the options are good for geeks.

Everything seems to work so far except the homepage buttons (again...) which I hopefully get fixed somewhen soon. If you find any other bugs, please let me know on facebook.

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